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About Us

Learn more about who the cloth nappy nerds are, why we love cloth nappies and want to help you on your reusable nappy journey. Cloth diapers can be simple, you just need the right helping hand along the way from achieving clean cloth nappies to choosing the right reusable nappies for you and your baby.


Hi Everyone! I am Amy, I work full time as a Team Manager. I have a serious addiction to cloth nappies.

I have an amazing husband called Andrew who is really supportive of our decision to use cloth nappies, and I have two beautiful children Daniel and Isabelle. I regret that I did not use cloth for Daniel because I was scared about keeping them clean and so I made the decision to cloth from birth with Isabelle, although due to a c section she didn't wear her first cloth nappy until she was nearly 3 weeks old.

I am really quite nerdy about how cloth nappies work, how to get the best fit, absorbency and keeping them clean. I love to try different brands and review them to help others make informed choices about whether they can use cloth nappies (even one cloth nappy is an amazing step) and which brands will best suit them xx



Hi, I'm Katie. 
I work full time as a head of department in a busy secondary school, but also love keeping busy learning more about cloth nappies. 
I have two children; Logan and Lyra with my amazing husband Ross. We used disposables with Logan as I had no idea how straightforward using cloth nappies can be. 
I want to help support other parents in their cloth nappy journey and also make other eco friendly changes in our home along the way x



Hi, I’m Leonie. I work full time as a channel performance professional.

I have a love for anything cloth nappy related and especially enjoy troubleshooting to help others enjoy cloth more. 

I have one child, Lilith with my wonderful husband Dominic who may be more cloth mad than me! (He likes to try hide it though).

We used cloth with Lilith from around 4 days after birth once the cord stump had fallen away. This was due to mispreperation and buying an enormous stash of bambino mio before she was born.
I want to help parents with their cloth journey and aid making it as simple as possible. I truly believe that my love of cloth nappies stems from the wonderful community that comes with them! 

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