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Bells Bumz Pocket Nappy Review

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to test Bells Bumz watercolour whimsy pocket nappy in advance of the prelaunch sale! I was sent this nappy for free to test having already paid to preorder the exclusive pineapple and fox print from selected retailers.

This nappy did not disappoint and given that I am lazy and hate stuffing pockets, it was even better than expected. The double open ended pocket made stuffing the nappy really easy and the fact it has only one super thirsty insert rather than two bulky ones was brilliant! Some nappies are worth stuffing and this is certainly one of those!

The insert is made from all natural fibres with four thirsty layers (2 bamboo, 2 hemp), what I noticed immediately was how soft the insert felt with the bamboo layers being on the outside and the hemp sandwiched in the middle, the insert also did not suffer significant shrinkage after washing (it had been to another tester before me) and hadn’t become misshapen like some hemp inserts I have used.

The pul is super soft and has a lovely sheen, it feels expensive and the nappy is sturdy. There is a double row of waist poppers which in my opinion is essential to a nappy. I did notice their was no hip stabilisation popper, which I am used to but I have heard that as baby gets bigger these have no where to popper in to and can dig into baby’s skin which must be uncomfortable.

Inside the nappy is a soft stay dry lining (faux suede) and soft internal double gusset. The nappy easily fitted my little 13lb baby girl with a good seal to her legs and no gaps, unlike with other pocket nappies I have tried.

I can absolutely see this nappy lasting until potty training as I was able to fasten the waist poppers to the smallest setting with plenty of finger space between the nappy and Isabelle whereas with some brands we are not on the smallest waist setting anymore.

This nappy lasted 2 hrs 45 minutes (I always change Isabelle after 3 hours regardless) as I had to change her slightly early due to the good nappy curse (💩) the good side of this is that I can also vouch for the nappies excellent containment 😂😂. We had no leaks and on removing the insert I noticed that the insert was not even fully saturated 😱, I have never had this with any other nappy brand and I have many!!

All in all this is a brilliant pocket nappy, and I can’t wait to build a nice little collection.

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