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Fudgey Pants 3-in-1 Nappy Review

@fudgeypantsnz 3-in-1 review

#fudgeypants 3-in-1 is a front opening pocket nappy that comes with two inserts (I chose bamboo/hemp mix) and has sewn in absorbency in the gusset, you can stuff the inserts in the pocket, or popper on top or not use them at all and rely on the sewn in absorbency.

I love the print of this nappy, I chose “Mi Amor” and the pul is soft and the stay dry faux suede cloth is of good quality.

I have discovered I am not a lover of nappies with binding round the edges, and this was the same with this nappy, I find it sticks out at the waist so clothes don’t lie flat. I do love the contrasting turquoise colour of this binding next to the rainbow hearts though.

The front opening pocket on fudgey was ok, they were relatively easy to stuff and will make removing inserts easier especially when baby 💩’s.

The inserts themselves are quite bulky, they are very thirsty but with both inserts in the pocket and the sewn in absorbency this made a very bulky nappy, think baba and boo (2 inserts) bulky. This could make it a very good option for heavy wetters, especially as you can buy the bamboo/hemp inserts which are all natural fibres (unlike the bamboo/ microfiber mix inserts from baba and boo) and there is less chance of compression leaks without microfiber too! Like a lot of hemp inserts these do need stretching and reshaping whilst wet, the picture shows what they look like if you don’t stretch (I’m too lazy to stretch so I always do the no stretch test 😂).

This nappy was a complete conundrum to me.. I couldn’t figure out what the sewn in absorbency was! It’s advertised as having three layers of absorbency sewn into the gusset, in reality this is more like two, as one of the layers is a bamboo and polyester mix, which is like a wicking bamboo/ stay dry material so isn’t very absorbent. The. You have one layer microfiber and one layer hemp. I don’t tend to buy nappies with microfiber but I actually think this combo of one layer microfiber against one layer hemp is a brilliant idea and will help anyone whose little one is a flooder.

This nappy was not for us but I hope to try a fudgey pants TRIMS soon!

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