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Fudgey Pants Fitted Nappy Review

Fudgey Fitted Nappy Review


So I have had a good test of the Fudgey fitted nappy now! I tested it two ways:

1) on its own with a PUL wrap

2) with two easy peasy hemp 6 layer boosters (one inside the nappy, one between the nappy and the wrap) these are in the pictures. With a wool cover.

I found the description of the Fudgey fitted quite confusing at first so I’ve put together a collage for you to explain where the absorbency is in the nappy.

With test 1 - The Fudgey fitted on its own

I found that the fitted was saturated at about 5 hours, I hadn’t had a leak but the elastics on the wrap were wet and as a result were starting to leave red marks, so I changed Isabelle. The nappy has no stay dry lining so felt wet against her skin.

With test 2 - The Fudgey fitted with one easy peasy hemp inside and an easy peasy hemp between nappy and the wrap and a wool cover.

I found that the nappy was saturated as was the inner easy peasy hemp, the outer easy peasy hemp was damp but not fully saturated and it lasted 12 hours. I also used a fleece liner to keep baby dry, although the inner hemp tummy panel was very wet against her skin on her tummy.

The inner bamboo is lovely and soft and stays so soft even after washing in hard water, the outer hemp also stays soft enough to stretch and fit the nappy easily. I would say that the absorbency of the nappy “as it comes” is similar to the ellas house bumhugger (I use size large) as I have to boost it in the same way, I would choose the Fudgey over the ellas house though as the ellas house does go very hard in hard water and stuff which makes fitting quite tricky.

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