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How do I clean my cloth nappies

My wash routine!

I wanted to share my wash routine with you all. My method is really easy and simple to use.

I tend to use Ariel original or Asda tropical detergent as then I can do my main wash at 40 rather than 60 (non-bio cleans better at 60) as that helps prolong the life of my nappies!

I do still prewash at 60 as this helps keep those night nappies nice and clean, and I put my previous days nappies in with my night nappy to save on water/electricity. Any nappy that’s been on the bum for more than 4 hours should be treated like a night nappy.

I use an airy pail for my dirty nappies as this allows for the best airflow reducing the risk of ammonia buildup.

I also have an airy basket (in my washing machine shed 😆) for my prewashed nappies but I am thinking of getting a nappy pail wet bag from bellsbumz for this as my basket rattles around when the washing machine is on and also it saves space for people who don’t have an “amazing” washing machine shed 🙈 I get wetter than the washing when it rains ☔️ but it’s a sacrifice I made for a dishwasher in my kitchen.

I prewash daily in the morning (with my night nappy) and then main wash on day 4 (so for example, first pre wash Monday morning with Sunday’s day nappies and the night nappy = main wash on Wednesday after the prewash) but lots of people keep it simple and prewash daily and mainwash every other day.

If you main wash more frequently you may need to bulk your load with small white/light items like baby clothes (ideally nothing larger than 60 x 60cm) in order to get the washing machine loosely full when dry (three quarters full when wet)

Happy Washing!

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