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La petite Ourse All in One Nappy Review

Full review of @lpocoucheslavables AIO which I received today I could not wait to prewash it first and 3 hours later it still had lots of absorbency left 😱

The pul is super soft, the designs are really beautiful I chose flamingos and foxes. Inside the nappy is a soft charcoal lining and it has a sewn in insert and a snap in booster. I used both of these together and the nappy did not seem bulky.

I love that the nappy has a double row a waist snaps, I have learned that this is something I need a nappy to have and it has a hip stability popper which is something I do like as it prevents wing droop. WhT I liked about LPO was that the hip stability popper was on the top row rather than the bottom which would be good for babies with chunky thighs.

The nappy is slim fitting between the legs and we weren’t quite on the smallest waist setting (Isabelle is 3 months old for reference) but it still felt like there is room to grow. We are ok the smallest rise and got a good seal around the legs.

As with most nappies with this style of double gusset the internal soft double gusset did not form a seal around Isabelles leg, although we did have a good seal from the pul. Im not sure if it’s this style in general or if Isabelle is still a little bit small. I do find in general that this style still works better than a single gusset for containment, although surprisingly (with it being a new nappy) this was not tested today 💩.

I barely noticed that 3 hours had passed in this nappy, we had no leaks and Isabelle seemed comfy and happy! This nappy is super absorbent and only the front of the snap in booster was wet with a little dampness to the front of the sewn in insert.. plenty of absorbency

left which is simply amazing without a prewash!

We had no sock marks to Isabelles legs which combined with no leaks is a winner for me! So happy to have added these to my stash ❤️

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