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What is a Pocket Nappy

What is a pocket nappy?

A pocket nappy can be a good budget option with some pocket nappies starting from £5 including inserts.

Better pocket nappies are usually priced from £12.

I would try to find one with microfiber and bamboo mix inserts or natural fibre inserts rather than a pure microfiber insert as these are more prone to compression leaks.

A pocket nappy is a quick drying outer shell, with usually a stay dry inner and a pocket for the inserts to be “stuffed” into.

You can have multiple inserts so that you can reuse the shell whilst the previous inserts are drying. Some inserts can also be tumble dried on low.

Some pocket nappies are single gusset, the better quality ones tend to have a double gusset as this tends to be better for containment and reducing leaks.

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