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What is an insert and what is a booster?


They can be made from a range of materials including: microfiber, cotton, bamboo and hemp.

Microfiber absorbs quickest, followed by cotton, bamboo and then hemp.

Hemp holds the most liquid (weight for weight), followed by bamboo, cotton and then microfiber.

Microfiber dries very quickly but there are risks of compression leaks. Hemp tends to be the slowest drying.

The material your insert is made from effects how thick or slim the insert will be in the nappy.

Inserts with natural fibres such as hemp or bamboo are usually slimmer compared to an insert made from microfiber, yet will hold the same if not more liquid.

The risk of compression leaks is much lower from natural fibres, whereas higher with microfiber which acts like a sponge.

A booster is usually smaller and slimmer than an insert.

They are usually rectangular or hourglass shaped.

You use boosters to increase the absorbency of your nappies (whether they be pockets, all in ones, all in twos, fitted nappies or flats).

The material your booster is made from can vary like with inserts which helps you customise the absorbency of your nappies

Boosters are usually slimmer than inserts with slightly less layers of absorbency. However, boosters and inserts are interchangeable and I would look for the slimmest option with the most layers when boosting a nappy.

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