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How to Sanitise Cloth Nappies

RESET - Bleach Sanitise For Cloth Nappies


Option A: This is the recommended method of how to bleach sanitise cloth nappies, also known as a small scale bleach sanitise for cloth nappies. There are other ways to sanitise cloth nappies. However, they are not as reliable or simple to use.

DOSAGE: Please use the Bleach Dilution Calculator to calculate how much bleach to use to sanitise cloth nappies.


Enter the % of bleach used e.g. 1.5%

Desired chlorine concentration: 150 ppm for general reset, 235 ppm for stubborn stains (make sure you choose PPM not mg/L) 

Desired chlorine volume (amount of water you are using): Enter the L of water you will be using (make sure it is in liters).

Your solution calculation should show as "required bleach volume" - Make sure this is in ml.


STEP 1: Add cold water and amount of bleach and stir, then add nappies, cover with white towels (or other white material)

STEP 2: Soak for 30 minutes.

STEP 4: Hot hand rinse (this will need to be very thorough if using thick bleach as it contains surfactants)

STEP 5: Follow with a hot 60 degree wash with no detergent (at least 1 hour)

STEP 6: Now a long 40 or 60 degree wash with detergent for lightly soiled washing.

NOTE: If you do have a white out (foam party) in your machine that looks like it may escape the machine, you can put 1/4 of a cap fabric softener in the detergent draw and rinse it down with a full glass of water. This will eliminate the suds.

Sometimes you need to reset your nappies, this should only be a rare occurrence but can happen for a number of reasons: due to a wash routine that hasn’t been giving you the best clean, ammonia build up, stains, bacteria or fungus (candida, ringworm, mould). It’s also a good idea to reset your nappies when you have bought preloved items, to make sure they are safe for baby. This is often called a strip and sanitise (S&S). It is simple to strip and sanitise cloth nappies if you follow the instructions below. For details of how to strip cloth nappies click here. For our Cloth Nappy Nerds Hire Kits that are sanitised between hires, please click here.

- Please note this is at your own risk, there is a risk of damage to elastics and pul especially if the nappies are towards the end of their natural life. 

- You should not need to reset new nappies or nappies only owned by you if you have a good wash routine please join our Facebook Group Cloth Nappy Nerds if you need help with your wash routine and we have a simple wash routine here and template you can download here. Doing reset will invalidate manufactures warranties.

All parts of nappies (including wraps and pul pocket shells) will need to be reset. 

For light mould you should start with clean nappies, then do the RESET then do the CLEAN. They may need an additional vanish soak to remove the staining from the mould. 

For very stained or smelly nappies or for more than light mould please contact us for support. For items without PUL or elastics you can CLEAN and RESET (Sanitise) in one step by washing on a long 90 degree cycle with detergent and a scoop of vanish.

For a in machine bleach sanitise for cloth nappies click here.

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