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We are Amy, Katie and Leonie, three UK based mums who met on Facebook through our love of cloth nappies.

We did not know each other until our love of cloth nappies brought us together. The cloth community is a wonderful place and as we were all cloth bumming during lockdown I guess we spent alot of time in the groups feeding our cloth nappy obsession.

The cloth community is a tight knit community and you are probably only one or two connections away from each other. Our story is that Amy sold some preloved cloth wipes to Katie... and sent them in a pretty envelope, and Katie messaged to say how nice it was and conversation developed into a shared love of Motherease nappies and thus a friendship began. Amy and Leonie both started with Bare and Boho nappies and would often cross paths in the groups, there was a little friction over a certain hard to find sunflower nappy, but it was all good fun. Behind the scenes Katie and Leonie had been chatting about their love for Motherease nappies and Leonie and Amy often talked about how to clean cloth nappies and shared a love of dispelling the myths such as sun and rain being able to sanitise nappies. Then one day, Katie asked Amy to give first refusal for a Motherease nappy she may sell to Leonie and BOOM the links were connected and our little nerdy group started.

We are passionate about helping people make the decision to try reusable nappies and to help them on their journey. We have been very active in the cloth community helping with fit checks, troubleshooting, recommendations and help with washing nappies and sanitising nappies. We started our cloth nappy nerds chat and sales group and decided this blog may be useful as a central reference point for our advice.

We have seen many people struggling with wash routines, or stinks or stains and spent alot of our time chatting to people trying to help the, and Leonie thought of our new amazing wash routine questionnaire, so make the process simple and easy to use.

We also LOVE trying different brands and helping people choose nappies that will meet their needs and preferences, so we thought using this blog for reviews would be really useful.

We love writing about our passion for all things reusable and eco swaps we have made. We are also self confessed nappy nerds who love sharing our obsession and new findings with others.

Cloth Nappy Nerds is truly our own little passion project. I hope you enjoy browsing our site and all of the unique content we have to offer. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover something new. Read on and enjoy!

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