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Friends of the Cloth Nappy Nerds

Recommended retailers

We sell a limited number of discounted bundles and kits here. Here is a list of recommended retailers for cloth nappies. This list is based on our own personal experiences of these retailers, we are not paid to endorse these retailers nor have an affiliate (paid) links. They have all donated to the Cloth Nappy Nerds Hire Kits and discount codes are included with the hires. Our own Cloth Nappy Nerd, Amy, is close friends with Bells Bumz who manufactures her nappy designs "Reusabelles". 

Recommended Cloth Nappy Brands

Here is a list of recommended cloth nappy brands that offer at least a 12 month warranty and allow washing at 60 degrees as well as either bio or non-bio detergent use (except Motherease where detergents can not contain certain ingredients such as optical brighteners). Brands warranties can change over time so as always please check individual warranties for your brands. We know that to clean cloth nappies they need a good wash routine and therefore we only recommend nappy brands that advise proper washing of their products. This list is based on our own personal experiences of these brands, we are not paid to endorse the brands nor have an affiliate (paid) links. This is with the exception of Reusabelles which were designed by our very own Cloth Nappy Nerd, Amy.

Finding the right nappy type and brand for you can be a mindfield, we offer a 1:1 Cloth Nappy Support Service to help you get started and choose the right cloth nappies to meet your needs.  

  • Bare and Boho - All in Two

  • Bear Bott - Bamboo All in One

  • Bells Bumz - Pockets, All in One/Two, Z wrap, Various inserts and wipes, Fitted Nappies and Bamboo Terries/Flats

  • Blueberry - Simplex (All in One)

  • Disana - Wool Covers, should be bought a size larger than required (NOT to be washed at 60, see our wool guide).

  • Motherease - Uno, Sandys Fitted Nappies, Airflow Wraps.

  • Reusabelles - All in One

  • Thirsties - Stay Dry Natural All in One, Natural All in One, Pocket Nappies

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