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Baba and Boo Nappy Review

Baba and Boo #Review!

When the new senses collection from @babaandboo launched who can resist a surfing pug, seagulls in wellies and happy umbrellas!

The PUL is beautifully soft and silky and are one of the softest and most squidgy nappies that I own. The inside is lined with a soft fleece which is very different to my other nappies, I think it must feel nice and soft against Isabelles skin as well as being stay dry. They do go a little bobbly after the first wash but the fleece stays lovely and soft even in my hard water.

I tend to love a double row of waist poppers and Baba and boo are single row, but I haven’t found them tricky to fit and I think the fact they have a hip stability popper really helps get a nice secure fit.

The pul and fleece lining combo means that the tabs are nice and stretchy so I am confident these will last until potty training. They are a nice roomy nappy (which I tend to like).

Baba and Boo pockets come with two bamboo mix inserts, these are two layers of bamboo with microfiber in between. Isabelle is only 4 months old so is at the smaller end of the baba and boo weight range, this means with both inserts in the nappy can feel quite bulky.

I can easily get two hours from my baba and boo without any wicking or leaks, I always change after 3 hours anyway but generally with microfiber I find 2 hours is about right for Isabelle.

I have been playing around and have tried the charcoal bamboo (the new ones don’t have microfiber) and with this and the slim baba and boo insert I find I can get 3 hours.

I am really impressed with the slim baba and boo inserts, they are as slim as their amazing bamboo wipes (see separate review) and are a good booster to use whilst keeping the nappies less bulky.

I have tried baba and boo hemp but I find they need stretching after the wash and I’m a bit too lazy for that 🙈

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