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Bells Bumz Fitted Nappy Review

@bellsbumz Fitted Nappy Review!

I’ve had the opportunity to test this amazing fitted nappy!

I tested this nappy overnight “as it comes” without any additional boosters and it last 13 hours and there was still absorbency left on the outside of the nappy towards the back (it was dry there). I wouldn’t even feel the need to put a safety booster between the nappy and my wool wrap. I tested in in a pul wrap as I didn’t know what to expect!

The nappy itself is made from two layers of hemp and is lined with coffee fibre fleece. Coffee fibre fleece has amazing stay dry properties and other benefits.

It then comes with two pop in boosters, the larger one goes furthest away from baby and is three layers hemp and the smaller one is three layers bamboo and is also covered with coffee fleece. This means that you can customise absorbency if needed. I tested the nappy “as it comes” with both boosters poppered in.

The nappy stays soft and supple after washing (even with my hard water and even when line dried!) and it’s a winner for my house! Every other fitted nappy I have tried (bamboozle, ellas house bumhugger and Fudgey pants) have needed significant boosting (at least two 6 layer easy peasy hemp boosters) to last the night! The best thing is the bells Bumz isn’t even bulky, even with both inserts poppered in and on the smallest rise!

I will be replacing my entire night nappy stash with these beauties!!!

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