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Bells Bumz Size One Pocket Nappy Review (Newborn Nappy)

Newborn Pocket Review of @bellsbumz

Before Isabelle was born I researched so much about cloth, how to wash it, what types there were, how the absorbency works. I’m a complete nappy nerd.

I read that btp (birth to potty) nappies generally started from 8/9lb so I decided to be frugal and not buy newborn size nappies.

When Isabelle was born she weighed 8lb and I felt validated in my decision, yes the nappies looked bulky but I didn’t have any leaks 🙌

Then along comes Zachary’s Cloth Nappies & Accessories who asked if I would mind testing their newborn pocket for them! The weight range is 4 - 18lb so Isabelle at 14.5lb is towards the top of the weight range and 15 weeks old!

This nappy has been lovingly designed, it has the soft suede cloth inner and double gusset, it has four settings of rise snaps and fastens with velcro. It even has crossover velcro for tiny babies 🥰

The newborn prints are gorgeous and I really wish some were in btp! Although having tested the nappy I think the newborn could last until at least 6 months.. maybe even longer!

The pocket comes with a newborn size 4 layer natural fibre insert (2 bamboo and 2 hemp) and a white microfleece liner. I chose to trial the coffee polar fleece liner (this is completely different to polar fleece and is perfect for nappies).

Isabelle still comfortably fits in the smallest rise and the waist was no where near the largest setting. We went in the car in this nappy, in the jumperoo and it lasted 3 hours! I was worried the newborn size insert wouldn’t last as it’s smaller than the btp but it did not disappoint!

I’m now a coffee fleece addict and again Isabelle was nice and dry with no redness (although I didn’t leave as long as I left her last time as that was accidental).

What I really love is how slim the nappy looks on Isabelle, I have proper regret for not investing in newborn nappies.. the btp now look huge on her! I would highly recommend these to everyone! 🥰🥰🥰

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